Cups4J - Java printing library for CUPS/IPP

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Changes in 0.7.1

  • Moved from ANT to Maven
  • replaced JAXB with Simle XML in order to be able to use Cups4J on Android devices

Changes in 0.6.4

  • Logging with slf4j Thanks to Adrien Sales

Changes in 0.6.3

Minor Bugfixes

Changes in 0.6.2

API bug fix (Important, this can break your code without compile errors):

  • when providing attributes to print jobs, those must be separated by '#' instead of ' '. This needed to be changed in order to allow attribute values containing blanks.

API change - CupsClient provides new operations:

  • hold job
  • cancel job
  • move job

Minor API changes:

  • ArrayLists replaced with List
  • CupsPrinter#getJobs method signature changed to allow for user name and myJobs attributes
  • PrintJobAttributes has four new attributes:
    • Date jobCreateTime;
    • Date jobCompleteTime;
    • int pagesPrinted;
    • int size; // Size of the job in kb (this value is rounded up by the IPP server)

Minor code refactorings.

  • performance patches applied (Thanks to Benoit Wiart)
  • smaller code improvements

Changes in 0.6.1

  • duplex and other print job attributes were ignored by cups

Changes in 0.6.0

  • deprecated print() methods in CupsPrinter removed
  • documents for print jobs can be provided as byte[] or InputStream
  • internal buffering of printable documents removed in order to support streaming
  • changed dependencies to apache httpclient-4.0.3 and httpcore-4.1 (still works with httpclient 4.0 and httpcore-4.0.1)
  • obsolete dependencies removed
Last Updated on Tuesday, 30 January 2018 19:05