Cups4J - Java printing library for CUPS/IPP

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Cups4J - Java printing library for CUPS/IPP

Cups4J Main Page

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Sorry, currently - again - due to spammers forum registration disabled

If you need an account in Cups4J forums please send an email. Sorry for the inconvenience .

Cups4J 0.6.4

This new version contains one bug fix (-> see changes) and logging with slf4j.

Cups4J 0.6.3

This new version contains some minor bug fixes and some changes in order to work correctly with newer CUPS server versions.

  • Correctly add  printer location
  • Support CUPS answers with several attribute groups having the same name
  • Log output removed

Cups4J 0.6.2

This new version comes with some new features and one API change that can break your existing code without compile errors - so please be very careful. Print job attributes provided via attribute map need to be sparated by '#' instead of ' ' in order to allow blanks within attribute values.

  Map attributes = new HashMap();
  attributes.put("job-attributes", "print-quality:enum:3#media:keyword:iso_a5_148x210mm");

For all changes made in this version please @See Changes

Bugfix release 0.6.1

In Cups4J 0.6.0 and probably also in 0.5.0 duplex printing was not working correctly.

Cups4J 0.6.0

Quite some changes this time.

  • There is a new version of Cups4J available providing mainly streaming of documents. @See Changes and Downloads
  • Starting with the last version published 2010/08 (which is now known as Cups4j-0.5.0), following releases will be available for download in the download section.
  • You can download an EJB 3.1 print server sample application runnable within JBoss 6.0.0.Final that shows some features of Cups4J you might find useful for enterprise projects. @See Cups4J meets EJB 3.1
  • You can download a simple Swing application that shows settings and capabilities of printers for a given CUPS server. For example this can serve as input for printing. @See download section
  • Cups4J works with CUPS 1.4.x. 1.3.x and 1.2.x versions should also work.
  • Cups4J forum is online. Sorry, but you need to register to post messages in order to keep this board free from SPAM and other unwanted things.


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